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Communication Logistics Support For Your Business

logistics support

Your company is part of the emerging communication logistics market. You see market conditions changing, and changing fast.

Now you need logistics support, to establish a good business model & profitable business strategy in this new, converging market place.

As well as consulting, the communication logistics support specialists are here to support you with workshops and studies, giving you and your colleagues access to our distilled, unmatched specialist knowledge and insights, gained from years of practice-related consulting.

Our specialists are active at the cutting edge of the communication logistics market.

So you can relax, secure in the knowledge that our analyses, evaluations and strategies incorporate the latest business intelligence and are based on the relevant fundamentals.

Workshops- Communication Logistics Support

Your time is valuable. We cut to the chase with focused workshops, each packed with relevant knowledge and expertise, covering a variety of subject areas according your business profile.

Introductory workshops

Step one is to understand the market thoroughly. We explain:

  • Key development trends in the communication logistics market
  • Legal and regulatory developments which will impinge directly on your business
  • National, European and international initiatives & their impact on the market
  • Good business models which flourish in converging markets
  • Emerging technologies and their disruptive impact

Follow-up workshops

logistics support

Solid background knowledge provides the foundations for preparing your business to face the future.

In follow-up workshops we use modern scenario methods to analyse the impact of these new developments on your business future, your business model and your business aims – and outline the options available to you.

You leave with all the information you need to adapt your strategy and launch projects to prepare your business to succeed in the converging communication logistics market.

Or you’ll leave knowing that you’re already well prepared, and ready to profit from the changes ahead!

Studies Communication Logistics Support:

We have been advising clients for decades, and actively shaping the framework conditions for the communication logistics market at national and international level. As a result, we have an unparalleled overview of the market and access to an extensive database of information and resources.

Our communication logistics studies provide detailed insight into various aspects of the communication logistics market.

For example:

  • eDelivery in Europe: an analysis of the metadata
  • The Convergence Matrix: C-readiness in 25 countries based on 33 criteria
  • The Digital Business Model: developments and framework conditions
  • Document Logistics 2015: paradigms and success factors
  • Scenario: what impact will current EU and UPU initiatives really have?

Customised for your business

logistics support

We ensure the content of each study is relevant to your business: e.g. by considering the impact of changes to legal frameworks, relevant EU guidelines, the UPU’s .post initiative, as well as evaluating new business models and offering SWOT analyses, etc.

These studies focus entirely on your industry and your business. We summarize the impact of regulations and technology, integrating relevant benchmarks and examples from practice, helping you benefit from “lessons learned” by others.

We evaluate the status quo of your business activities to date and tell you if, and when, these activities make sense for your business, and where changes ought to be made.

Using our scenario method, we develop and assess concrete and practical courses of action for your business, and lay the foundations for you to evaluate and continually develop your business activities in this field.

We are communication logistics support.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Walter Trezek is the Chairman of the Consultative Committee (CC) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

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