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The Communication Logistics Specialists in the Press & Industry Media

The Communication Logistics Specialists are regularly asked to comment and give their views on aspects of the Austrian and European post, IT and telecommunications markets for industry magazines and publications.

Here you’ll find reprints of recent logistics news articles and links to PDF versions, where available. All articles reprinted with permission of the authors.

If you’d like to speak to the Communication Logistics Specialists about an aspect of the communication logistics market for your publication, then feel free to contact us directly.


Logistik Express, Oct. 2017

Guest post by Walter Trezek in Logistik Express (German) on the 8 key changes in the ecommerce environment in 2018.

2018: 8 Änderungen die E-Commerce Versender wissen sollten

Die Zustellung von Warensendungen an individuelle Empfänger, bekannt als "Postzustellung" wird 2018 im Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum - aber auch weltweit - neu geregelt.

Logistik Express, Apr. 2017

cross-border ecommerce,digital single market,logistik express,walter trezek,Ecommerce Europe

Guest post by Walter Trezek in Logistik Express (German) on the future of cross-border ecommerce. (English translation here)

Grenzüberschreitender Online-Handel: Wir leben in einer zunehmend vernetzten Welt. Überholte analogue Strukturen, deren Zweck die Verteilung von Waren und Dienstleistungen war, werden von digitalen, kolletiv vernetzten Anwendungen abgelöst, die vom individuellen Kundennutzen getrieben werden.

Ecommerce Europe, Apr.2017

April 2017: Ecommerce Europe achieves major milestone in innovating cross-border parcel delivery services

After four months of discussions, country members of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) have recently approved the Technical Specification (TS 17073) for Postal services - Interfaces for cross-border parcels. Ecommerce Europe is proud to have chaired the work within the CEN to harmonize postal and supply chain management standards to enable one item label for the delivery of merchandise to end customers.

Postal Hub Podcast, Feb.2016

walter trezek,postal hub podcast

Walter Trezek is a guest on the postal, parcels and express podcast on the Postal Hub Podcast. Interviewed by postal industry insider Ian Kerr, their conversation includes an honest and forthright discussion of terminal dues, including the imbalance in shipping rates that favours merchants based in some countries, defining new classifications of products and services for letters and parcels being delivered cross-border, the growth in cross-border ecommerce between western countries and south-east Asia, barcoding and labelling for cross-border logistics, how delivery is a key component of digital service infrastructure, and recycling and packaging in e-commerce logistics. It's a discussion that will interest anyone in the postal and parcels sector.

Solynews, Jan.2016

Turning the postal business model by 180°: Modernising letter and parcel post delivery means viewing the postal business model from the standpoint of the recipient, not the sender. Combining this approach with speedier decision-making, a faster response to market demands, an integrated approach to product development and remuneration systems, and connecting wider postal sector players with products and services at all levels, is the recipe for successful, high quality postal services.

Solynews, Dec.2014

Walter Trezek on how the growth of ecommerce gives birth to new ecommerce fulfillment projects all requiring technology, interconnectivity, research and development. This article was published in Solynews, the International Postal News issued by postal equipment specialist Solystic, and circulated to 2,000 clients and partners.

The Economics of Terminal Dues, Sept.2014

Walter Trezek is a contributing expert to this study of The Economics of Terminal Dues, undertaken by Copenhagen Economics on behalf of the US Postal Regulatory Commission. A public hearing will held in Washington on 17 Nov. 2014. 

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) system of terminal dues governs payments between designated postal operators for the transport, sorting, and delivery of cross-border letter post items in the destination country. UPU rates are used by many postal operators across the world, both directly and indirectly. 

Digital Document magazine, Oct.2013

Digital Document magazine Post Expo 2013 From Postal Services to Communication Logistics

The European issue of the magazine, and timed to coincide with Post Expo 2013 in Vienna. The editors asked permission to reprint our blog article From Postal Services to Communication Logistics, a short history of postal services. Here the article as it appears in the magazine.

Industrie Magazine, Sept.2012

(German): Gleich und Gleicher? by Bernhard Fragner, interview with Walter Trezek on Austria’s courier, express and parcel market.

Die Kurier-, Express- und Paketdienste freuen sich über steigende Umsätze. Doch es herrscht Unzufriedenheit. Das Postmarktgesetz bevorzugt die gelbe Post, so der Vorwurf. Transitfreiheit, ein internationales Abrechnungssystem, das Eigentum an den Abgabeeinrichtungen: Wie frei ist der KEP-Markt wirklich?

Mail and Express Review (MER), Sept.2012

European Standards Development: An Update on Activities, Walter Trezek, CEO, Document Exchange Network GmbH

In the lead up to full liberalization of the European Market for postal services, most operators understood that the markets upstream and downstream of the core postal service provision would be key for their future. The way in which society communicates has continued to change fundamentally over the last ten years, a process which has run parallel with the opening up of the postal market in Europe.

Postal Technology International, June 2012

All Change. Walter Trezek

In the move to digital, mail, postal services worldwide are stepping into the role of trusted third parties, providing communication logistics themselves. What are the standardization, legal and logistical implications? Walter Trezek makes everything clear.

DMVOE Facts & Friends, March 2012

(German) Key Facts: Kerninhalte der geplanten neuen EU-Datenschutzverordnung 2012

Walter Trezek hat für FACTS die wichtigsten Key Points und Auswirkungen des geplanten Entwurfes zusammengesfasst. Die Europäische Kommission hat Ende Jänner eine neue, gesamteuropäische Rechtsgrundlage für den Datenschutz in der Europäischen Union vorgeschlagen.

The Future is in the Post II

Postal services are now data-driven, not item-driven, placing data protection at the core of new postal service provision. The following article was written by Walter Trezek and published in The Future is in the Post II: Perspectives on transformation in the postal industry, Ed. Derek Osborn & Kristian Sund, 2011

Postal Technology International, Dec.2010

walter trezek, postal technology international december 2010, the end is nigh?, extending postal service provision into the internet

The End is Nigh? Walter Trezek, Co-convenor & secretary of CEN/TC331 WG2 Postal Services

Walter Trezek wonders if extending postal service provision into the internet will be the end of the post as we know it? Are postal services well placed to provide the infrastructure for an electronic universal service?

a3 BOOM!, Feb.2010

logistics news,a3 boom, walter trezek, postmarkt 2010

(German): Walter Trezek's guest commentary on Austria's 2010 Postal Market Act.

Postmarkt 2010: Neuer Markt, neue Regeln, neue Lösungen. Mit 31.12.2010 wird der österreichische Postmarkt für den Wettbewerbvollständig geöffnet. Das kundgemachte Postmarktgesetz bietet die Grundlage des vollständig geöffneten Postmarktes in Österreich.

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