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Communication Logistics Consulting Services

The Communication Logistics specialists help clients navigate their way to a bright future in the emerging communication logistics industry.

We know our niche inside out, and are well-known within it. Our clients range from postal services, ICT corporations, IT start-ups and ecommerce specialists, both B2B and B2C, to investment banks, advisory bodies, national and European regulators, governments and European institutions.

They all understand that digital communications are revolutionizing the way we do business. We help them identify the changing framework conditions, understand their impact, identify their own strengths and to leverage on them.

We’ll let a few case studies speak for themselves.

1. The First Ever 2nd Designated Operator

One country – one designated postal operator. Until now.

Working on behalf of a parcel delivery service, we were instrumental in establishing our client as the first ever, fully operational, second designated Postal Operator (DO) in a member State of the UPU. The designation was limited to postal parcel items – a sectorial separation. The project included the establishment of offices of exchange (OE), extra-territorial offices of exchange (ETOE) and full integration into the UPU’s IT backbone system IPS.

Now our client can enjoy all the preferential rates and conditions enjoyed by other DOs.

2. National Service to Designated operator

A European postal operator came to us asking for help in re-engineering their domestic service.

After analyzing the financial and strategic benefits of becoming fully independent and globally active, we are supporting them as they establish their own tariffs and IT systems in coordination with the universal postal union (UPU).

This DO is now an equal partner in the international global postal network.

It is ready to leverage on the benefits offered by the UPU’s global ecommerce platform.

3. e-Delivery Due diligence

A state-owned investment fund asked us to investigate the sustainability of investing in a qualified trust service offering e-delivery and e-clearing services within the EU.

We analyzed leading e-delivery services according to the current EU service directive, work done under the European standards CEN/TS 15121-1 & CEN/TS 15121-2 and related UPU IPR and e-delivery standards, and the status of their competitors.

Our client is now confident that their investment strategy is based on solid facts and a clear understanding of the business environment.

4. Securing First Mover Advantages

The UPU is extending postal service provision into the digital world with a Top Level Domain (TLD) .post, sponsored and governed by its 192 member nations.

Currently only Designated Operators (DO) have access to this global digital network. (DO). In 2013 the communication logistics consultants helped a non-postal service provider - a global ICT company - become the first associate member of the UPU’s DOT POST Group. This gives them direct access to 192 DOs all looking for IT solutions to extend their operations into the digital domain.

Our client can now leverage on early access to potential customers and adapt their service offerings accordingly.

5. From Item-Driven to data-Driven model

Ecommerce consulting for this provider of network services helped them understand how communication logistics is turning item-driven business models into data-driven ones.

A data-driven model enables ecommerce and e-tailing businesses to retain their customers, commoditize last mile delivery, and exclude competitors from accessing their customer basis.

This company now has the advantage of knowing how to shape its products & services for its customers in the ecommerce industry, extending its leading market position to include delivery and secured communication as well.

6. The confidence to invest

Investment decisions must be based on reliable data.

We regularly provide background information on the European market for capital investors anxious to base their investment decisions on a sound footing.

We explain national and regional differences, identify key players in each industry sector, outline the impact of technological developments, comment on competitors, business models, relevant regulations, etc.

7.  New business models

The new fuel powering the communication logistics business is data.

Personal data belongs to the individuals who decide what, when, how, and by whom goods & services are delivered. The ownership of personal data remains with the individual.

We have developed new business models & are helping establish a sector-specific data protection framework for communication logistics.

8. Next generation sorting & Sequencing

Our client understood that postal services wishing to transition from being an item-driven to a data-driven operator need strategic investment in new sorting and sequencing equipment.

We supported the efforts of one of the world’s leading sorting equipment manufacturers, helping them to win a ground-breaking, multi-million euro, postal tender in 2013.

Let us take it from here

We provide the logistics consulting services you actually need, whether it's a quick briefing, a one-off consultancy agreement or longer-term project support. We even offer telephone consultancy on an hourly basis.

We can help you find project partners, introduce you to relevant decision-makers, and give you a voice at industry forums and events.

So if you’d like to find out what our communication logistics consulting services could do for you, just get in touch.

We look forward to helping you.

The Communication Logistics Specialists

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